Thursday, April 7, 2011

Meditation Countdown!

Guest Post by Karen Taylor, Friend of the Couple  

Cait and Jay love more than anything to support their friends and family in their journeys of growth and are two of the most centered, awake, and alive people I know.  So, in the 40 days leading up to the Lopez wedding, I'll be committing to meditate 5-30 minutes a day.  Join me!  In the spirit of marriage as a community act, let's collectively re-wire our minds to the present moment. 

Have you never done daily meditation before? Are you scared you can't do it? Are you afraid that you can't do it "right"?  Me too!  Let's do it anyway!  I'll be posting helpful links for beginning meditators and other resources in the Meditation Countdown Forum.  Meditation is both an ancient spiritual practice and a scientifically proven method for making all kinds of healthy stuff happen in your brain and body.

If you'd like to participate, you can let everyone know by posting an introduction under the "I'm In!" thread on the same forum.  At any time, especially once we begin on Tuesday, May 3rd, we can share our thoughts, questions, and experiences there as a community.

On the wedding day there will be a chance for us all to sit quietly together to close the 40 days of practice.  Why 40 days?  40 is the traditional yogic number of days that it takes for a new habit to "stick."  Just as a wedding is only the beginning of a marriage, I hope this countdown can be just the beginning of a deeper commitment to mindfulness in our lives.

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